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Greener Days Ahead Rescue

Animal Protection Since 2015

Saving dogs was a passion that started with our Director, Jennifer with her first Schnauzer picked out of a ditch in Arkansas in 1996. Several years went by while she raised her family. In 2007 and 2008 she got two foster dogs that foster failed Vivi and Fattums, and from there the race was on with yet another foster failure Hans Weim in 2011.

    Seven years of mentoring our vet clinic, shelters and rescues in different roles from transport, fostering all way to Board of Directors. Our Director and Co-director, Beth, kept their Paws grounded on the bigger picture. GDAR became an official 501(c)3 rescue on May 12th, 2015. GDAR takes in homeless, abandoned and owner surrender animals as space permits. We take pride in caring for the animals. All the animals are brought back to a healthy state, fully vetted, spayed or neutered, put on heartworm prevention and microchipped before adoption. We rely strictly on donations from the public and grants from private sources. Please see our Donation Page to help continue our mission.

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2023 Sponsor Dog


a HUGE shout out to this year's website sponsor, Rocky McBride - Rocky adopted Linda in 2015

"Be like Rocky: do not carry your past with you or you'll ruin your future - go forward and have fun"


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A dog adoption application is a form or document that individuals or families interested in adopting a dog are typically required to complete as part of the adoption process. The purpose of the application is to gather important information about the potential adopter's lifestyle, living situation, and preferences to ensure that the adopted dog will be placed in a suitable and loving home.


A volunteer dog rescue application is a form that individuals interested in volunteering with a dog rescue organization are typically required to complete. This application helps the organization gather information about the volunteer's skills, experience, and availability, allowing them to match volunteers with appropriate roles and responsibilities.


A dog foster application is a formal document or online form used by animal shelters, rescue organizations, or individuals seeking temporary caregivers for dogs in need. It is an essential step in the dog fostering process to ensure that potential foster parents are well-suited to provide a safe and loving environment for a dog until a permanent home can be found.

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